Welcome to the Room 42 Wiki pages for 2011.
These pages will be updated regularly with lots of work from Room 42 students, photos and information. Keep coming back regularly to see our updates.

National Geographic Planets Page

Vote for our team!!!!!

Study Ladder This is a great website to help you achieve your goals! I have set up some maths activities for you-some easy, some not so easy. Every time you do an activity I can see that you have tried and how well you have done. It would be great to see you using it over the holidays.
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7th April
Well done to everyone on your speeches. You all did a brilliant job and should be very proud of yourselves. On everyone's page is their speech and a self evaluation.

Michael singing at Yr 7 Assembly

4th March
Here is our class book containing our tree haikus. Enjoy reading them
Tree Haiku

Well done to the whole class for taking part in the red and black mufti to help raise money for people in Christchurch. As a class we raised $66. Congratulations to Brandon for winning the House dress up competition- you looked awesome!!

My email address is r_austin@pukekoheint.school.nz

Some important information for the first few weeks:

1. Uniform-please make sure that ALL uniform items are clearly named as there are 600 students all wearing the same thing and it's very easy to misplace items.
Hats are complusory for all of term 1 so please have them every day.
You need your PE gear at school every day. If for some reason you can't bring your correct uniform then please bring some other clothes. You must have your PE uniform for team sport and if you are involved in zone sports.

2. Absences- if you are absent, an adult needs to ring the office (238 6568) to let us know that you will be away. If you are late for school you need to go straight to the student centre and sign in. The sign in book also needs to be signed if you are leaving early or for an appointment.

3. Fitness/PE- we will be doing some form of fitness most days. If you are unable to take part because you are unwell or have an injury, you need to bring a note from home. No note means you will be doing fitness. Feel free to email me if easier.

4. Books/equipment- please clearly name all your books and equipment. Most students buy the stationery pack so everyone's stuff looks the same. If you run out or lose an item you need to replace it quickly. You should always have a blue pen, red pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, glue stick and scissors in your desk.

Check us out!!! Aren't we gorgeous!